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Welcome to Troop TeleHealth, your number one Online Consultation platform where you have access to different consultant from the comfort of your home or office..

What is TeleHealth?

Troop TeleHealth is a platform which allows you to communicate with or consult with a Specialist in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you feel comfortable!!
No need to drive down to the clinic or pharmacy for your health concerns. Troop TeleHealth is here to make you healthy with ease!!


Health Condition?

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Skin Condition
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction
Malaria & Typhoid3
Malaria & Typhoid
Pain Consultation
Pain Consultation
Upper and lower respiratory tract infections, illustration. In diseases such as pneumonia, a thick mucus blocks the lung airways and alveoli, reducing lung capacity. In severe cases, this can be fatal. The paranasal sinuses, ear, nose, throat, trachea and lung airways are sectioned here to show the mucus (yellow).
Upper & Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
Unary Track Infection (UTIs)
Unary Track Infection (UTIs)
Cropped look of young woman weighing herself.
Weight Loss

Nutritional Assessment

This will help in your consultation and meal plan development to suit your goals.

TroopNutri will contact you to start your consultation!