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We understand the importance of speaking with a pharmacist in person about your medications and prescriptions at our pharmacy. Our services give you the opportunity to speak with a healthcare expert about your concerns and receive specialized advice on how to improve your well-being. You can easily schedule your consultation online or visit your nearest Troop Pharmacy at your leisure.

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Flu vaccination service

With our dependable flu vaccination service, you can protect yourself and those around you from the flu. Quick, simple, and efficient
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Type 2 diabetes test

At our pharmacy, you can be tested for type 2 diabetes. Quick, simple, and accurate screening to aid in health management.
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Pneumonia vaccinations

With our vaccination service, you can protect yourself from pneumonia. Recommend for those at risk or over the age of 65. Quick and efficient.
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Stop smoking service

With our stop smoking service, you can quit smoking for good. Personalized assistance and medication to assist you in succeeding. Make your reservation today for a healthier, smoke-free life.
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HPV vaccination service

With our vaccination service, you can protect yourself against HPV. It is safe and effective for both men and women aged 9 to 26. Book right away.
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Total health check

With our comprehensive total health check, you can regain control of your health. Tailored to your specific requirements for peace of mind. Make your reservation now for a healthier you.
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Nutritional Assessment

With our professional nutritional assessment service, you can improve your health and well-being. Customized advice to assist you in reaching your health objectives. Make your reservation now for a healthier you.
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Upper & Lower Respiratory Tract Infection

With our effective treatments, you can alleviate the symptoms of upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Get some relief and start feeling better right away.
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Sexual health service

With our confidential sexual health service, you can protect your sexual health. Offering testing, treatment, and advice in a discreet and professional manner. Book now to ensure your peace of mind.
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Erectile Dysfunction

With our discreet and professional service, you can get effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Customized advice and medication to help you improve your sexual health. Book now to improve your quality of life.
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Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs)

Our effective treatments can alleviate the discomfort of urinary tract infections. Service that is quick and discreet, providing relief when you need it.
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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

With our confidential STI testing and treatment service, you can protect your sexual health and gain peace of mind. Quick, professional, and discrete.
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Malaria & Typhoid

With our vaccination and medication services, you can protect yourself from Malaria and Typhoid. Maintain your health while traveling abroad.
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Pain Consultation

With our expert pain consultation service, you can get pain relief. Pain management with tailored advice and medication. Make your reservation now for a more comfortable life.
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Skin Conditions

With our professional treatment service, you can find relief from skin conditions. Expert advice and medication are available to help you manage your symptoms. Make your appointment today for healthier skin.
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Medical Weight Loss

With our medicated weight loss program, you can reach your weight loss goals. Tailored to your specific requirements for safe and effective results.
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Troop TeleHealth is a platform which allows you to communicate with or consult with a Specialist in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you feel comfortable!! No need to drive down to the clinic or pharmacy for your health concerns. Troop TeleHealth is here to make you healthy with ease!!
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Insecticides Treated Nets

Troop Pharmacy Long lasting Insecticide Treated Nets have been treated already with an insecticide and can last for a minimum of five (5) years!!!
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Shielding Health, Empowering Lives!

Troop Pharmacy: Your Trusted Source for Health and Beauty. Our mission is to shield health and empower lives, providing comprehensive solutions for all your healthcare needs.

Shielding Health, Empowering Lives!

The online source for all of your healthcare and beauty needs. Troop Pharmacy strives to provide you with high-quality medications and healthcare products at reasonable prices.

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