OSTREA TAB contains as many as 75 fresh oysters in ONE Tablet and Panax ginseng that improves physical energy?

Do you know that Ostrea is cardio-protective?

OSTREA boosts physical and sexual performance in both men and women.

Ostrea is also rich in Zinc known to support normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin E, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and Magnesium contain in Ostrea all work together to protect the cells, reduce tiredness and improve normal functioning of the body.

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Physical and intellectual stimulant
Extract of oysters
Coenzyme Q10
Melon extract
Vitamins B
Dietary supplement

It contains a highly concentrated extract of Crassostrea Gigas oyster, rich in minerals and amino acids and known for its aphrodisiac properties. One Ostrea Megatone tablet contains a high dose of Coenzyme Q10 and Extramel, essential for energy production and ability to recover.

In addition, it is enriched with ginseng “Panax Meyer CA”, taurine, zinc and vitamins. The high content of taurine (1 tablet = taurine quantity of 75 fresh oysters) stimulates the ability to concentrate, memory and vigor. In sports, Megatone Ostrea has a stimulating effect on reaction capacity and endurance.

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