Turmeric Vitality Bio-Fermented Turmeric Liquid Forest Berry Flavour 500ml


  • High Strength liquid Turmeric with Ginger and Black Pepper.
  • Fermented with the power of 6 Billion bacteria cultures from 8 diverse strains and Papaya extract containing naturally occurring digestive enzymes.
  • Delicious Forest Berry blend with Maqui and elderberry.

Turmeric Vitality Bio-fermented Turmeric is a delicious and highly absorbable liquid formula. A powerful combination of herbs, berries and bacteria cultures & papaya extract containing naturally occurring digestive enzymes.Turmeric has been traditionally grown in India and has been enjoyed by eastern cultures for thousands of years. It contains a unique profile of compounds.

Using bio-fermentation with bacteria cultures our formula changes the structure of the natural constituents so they become liquid soluble and easier for your body to absorb. Each serving provides 1000mg turmeric enriched with curcumin extract for increased strength. During the fermentation, bacteria cultures consume the naturally occurring fruit sugars to create a 99% sugar free liquid with no artificial preservatives or additives.

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