As a country with tropical climate Nigeria experiences intense heat throughout the year, especially in the northern regions. While warmth is often associated with good vibes and happy feels, excessive heat poses significant health risks, especially in a country where infrastructure and resources for mitigating its effects are limited. Understanding the implications of heat on health is crucial for implementing measures to protect vulnerable populations.... Read More | Share it now!

Parasitic Infections

Parasitic infections are diseases caused by organisms that live off of another living thing. They can cause fever, fatigue, intestinal symptoms, skin rashes or neurological symptoms. You can get them from contaminated food, water or surfaces, bug bites and eating undercooked meat. ... Read More | Share it now!

Skin Infections

The skin, the body’s largest organ, plays a crucial role in safeguarding us from external threats, regulating our temperature, and enabling sensory experiences. Composed of various layers, including the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, it acts as a protective barrier against harmful microorganisms and environmental factors. Furthermore, it houses sensory receptors that allow us to sense touch, pain, and temperature. Additionally, the skin contributes to vitamin D synthesis and serves as a canvas for expressing individuality through its unique characteristics, colors, textures, and markings. A comprehensive understanding of the skin’s complexity and functions is vital for maintaining overall health and well-being.... Read More | Share it now!

World Hepatitis Day 2023

Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver. It is commonly the result of viral infection, but there are other possible causes of hepatitis which includes autoimmune hepatitis and hepatitis that occurs as a secondary result of medications, drugs, toxins and alcohol. Autoimmune hepatitis is a disease that occurs when your body makes antibodies against your liver tissue.... Read More | Share it now!


Visiultra is a dietary supplement for supporting the eyes that improves vision while preserving clarity. This formula consists of a natural combination of 14 components that have been scientifically shown to reverse eyesight loss by addressing the underlying cause of eye conditions.
The all-natural remedy works by promoting the bodys natural healing process. The body produces adult repair cells with the assistance of active substances like spirulina and astaxanthin. The macular is the repaired by these cells, undoing any damage and regaining your vision.
Benefits of Visiultra.
1. Visiultra decline the root cause of slow age-related vision.
This all natural complex may aid your damaged macula and stop vision loss in its tracks by encouraging the creation of adult self-repair cells, which may slow down vision loss from the inside out.... Read More | Share it now!

Can Vitamin C Really Help Prevent Colds and Flu?

 It’s such an oft-repeated thing it has become common knowledge: Vitamin C is what we need when we are coming down with a cold or flu. Many swear it helps them prevent winter ills; others say it eases and erases symptoms and helps them bounce back if they do get struck down. But what is the truth here? Is vitamin C the cold cure and immunity boost we may believe it to be?... Read More | Share it now!


Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus, is a group of common endocrine disease characterized by sustained high blood sugar level.
Diabetes is due to the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin produced.
Diabetes affect people of all ages. Most forms of diabetes are chronic(long-life),and all forms are manageable with medications and/or life changes.
Glucose(sugar) mainly comes from carbohydrates in food and drugs. Its the body`s go-to source of energy. Your body carries glucose to all your body`s cell to use for energy. When glucose is in your blood stream, it needs assistance(a key) to get to where it needs to go. Insulin is the key, a hormone.
Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar, results from the blood stream`s accumulation of glucose which can happen if your pancreas doesn`t use it properly. Constantly high blood sugar levels over time can lead to health risks like heart disease, nerve damage and vision problems.
Types of Diabetes.
There four different types of diabetes, they include;... Read More | Share it now!

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