Cinnamon & Its Benefits!

What is Cinnamon?
Cinnamon is the inner back of several trees bearing aromatic spices scientifically know as Cinnamonum genus.
Types of Cinnamon:
There are basically four main types of  Cinnamon namely;
– Ceylon Cinnamon also known as Verum or True Cinnamon.
– Cassia Cinnamon or Saigon Cinnamon.
– Korintage Cinnamon which is also know as Burmanni Cinnamon.
– Loureiroi Cinnamon also referred to as Royal Cinnamon.
It originated from Sri Lanka, and mostly cultivated or found in North America, Southern Asia and parts of Europe and Africa Egypt precisely.
It has a thick hard layer which is either dark or light brownish in color.
Cinnamon can be reproduced or converted into the following forms:
– Sticks
– Essential Oil
– Extracts
– Supplements
– Powder (which is mostly used in cooking and spicing ).
Health benefits of Cinnamon:
Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices as health and nutritional effects have been found to manange the following:
– Helps in the reduction of weight as well as heart related diseases as it contains little or no fat ( reduction of total cholesterol);
Bad ‘LDL’ cholesterol and triglycerides, while good ‘HDL’ cholesterol remains stable.
– It is also beneficial in effects of Neuro degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A compound found in cinnamon helps build up protein called TAU in the brain cells which is good for reducing Alzheimer’s.
– Also helps to protect against Cancer and other oxidative damages due to its powerful Antioxidants effects like (Polyphenol) as well as for fighting Bacteria and Fungi infections like tooth decay and bad breath due to Antibacterial and Antimicrobial effects.
– It’s Anti-inflammatory effect helps to relive soreness and pain.
Also traces of Vitamin B and k and the antioxidants choline, beta-carotene, alpha- carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin which is good for the eyes, skin.
– Its essential oil which is gotten from the leaf of Cinnamon can be used for flavour, fragrance and sometimes used as antiseptic due to its high Eugenol concentrate as well as its root bark that contains camphor.
РMore-so, cinnamon is converted into Powdery form mixed with milk as well as Supplements like pills and capsules  helps to boost sexual libido and sperm count as well as fight erectile dysfunction.
Excessive intake of Cinnamon cassia could be harmful especially with persons with liver related problem; as it contains Coumarin which is a known cause of liver infection or damages.
Note – it is advisable to take it proportionately.
Summarily, Cinnamon has been credited with the Antibacterial, Anti-microbial, Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory properties for fighting managing and ailments and diseases.
Conclusively, helps in promotion of health and wellbeing!
References: Webmd, Cleveland clinic
Written by: Amanda Onyemmah

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