How Turmeric Saved My Face!!

It was one summer holiday and I decided to travel to a different continent! Full of excitement for what lay ahead, I made preparations for my trip and packed my bags. Little did I know that part of what was in store for me wouldn’t be so pleasant.

I landed into this very hot African country and took about 3 weeks to settle down. By the third week, I began to have very bad reaction on the two sides of my cheek. I wondered what the cause was. Could it be the water I showered with? Could it be the food? Could it be change in climate?

After questioning myself with no result, I decided to try different products. I spent a lot of money on different products because I couldn’t stand what was happening to my face. I don’t use makeup which I’m even thankful for because I felt it would have made It worse. The sides of my cheek were full of rough bumps which made even washing my face not pleasant for me.

It really began to affect my mind and mood sometimes. I was however encouraged and told that I wasn’t defined by my skin. It took a while but I decided to no longer pay so much attention to my skin.

While doing that, I also decided to drop all the chemicals I was using and go the natural route. Through series of research done, I came across Turmeric as a powerful anti-inflammatory for skin. I found a recipe that someone else used and I decided to try it out.

It looks months before I really started seeing the effects but it did wonders!!

I also had to look at my diet and certain triggers like even groundnut and excess oily foods that made me have breakouts. I started doing more exercise and also some mental work.

One thing I learnt through this experience is that what you pay attention to grows. The more I saw the problem with my skin, the bigger the problem got. As I gradually became detached while doing my skin routine, it began to fade away!!

Here is my recipe. It might not work for or it might! But be at rest! Never allow what goes on around you begin to make you feel less of yourself!

  1. Turmeric
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Raw Honey
  4. Lemon
  5. Apple cider vinegar.

You can apply it two – three times in a week and be marvelled!

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