Omron NE-C28P Compressor Nebulizer




When faced with respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary emphysemia, etc, breathing could be quite problematic, leading to oxygen starvation and grave risk to health. Those who suffer asthmatic crises know that it’s no easy experience and could be life-threatening. That’s where an advanced technology nebuliser, like the Omron CompAir NE-C28P Compressor Nebuliser, could be of great help.

Omron CompAir NE-C28P Compressor Nebuliser helps quickly get your medication into your system to bring quick relief. The nebuliser converts your medication into aerosol droplets (fine mist) that can be easily be inhaled. Absorbed into the lungs is therefore expedited, helping bring badly needed relief.

Omron products are trusted for reliable performance because of their very high standards and quality. Omron is a global manufacturer of advanced healthcare equipment with high performance and durability standard. The Omron CompAir NE-C28P Compressor Nebuliser is designed to Omron quality standards to deliver the results you expect.

The Omron NE-C28p nebuliser is suitable for adults and children alike. For a baby, however, you may also consider theĀ Omron CompAir NE-C801KD Compressor Nebuliser for Kids, a special design for children.

Check the performance features of the Omron CompAir NE-C28p Nebuliser:

  • NE-C28p is designed for adults, giving efficient delivery of medication
  • Short inhalation time – fast acting
  • Efficient lung deposition
  • Fast and convenient, easy to use
  • Long-life compressor
  • High nebulization rate – maximum drug benefit
  • V.V.T. nebuizer technology – advanced nebulisation
  • Water-protected switch

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