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Strepsils Original Flavour are one of the most effective tablets used to control sore throats, cold and other nasal congestion issues. The good thing about strepsil is that, it can be used to treat, prevent, improve and control conditions and symptoms of throat infections. This original flavour is made up of two important and effective antiseptics. This combination has been proven to be 100% effective against congested chest issues and mouth problems. Known as the most trusted range in handling such ailments. Having a sore throat can be one of the most annoying things anyone can experience. This irritation runs straight from the back of the mouth, directly to the top of the respiratory tracts (tonsils, pharynx and larynx). It is safe to describe that pathway as the major freeway for air, dust and food but with a specially placed filter lane for any bacteria and virus. The human throat is specially aimed to retain all of these irritants and filter them out before they can cause any sort of irritation or ailment. If these bacteria and viruses are allowed to pass through, they can result in an inflamed throat or throat infection. Incidents of sore throats are more common in children, due to the obvious fact that young people have not built up full immunity (resistance) against many of the viruses and bacteria out there.

Strepsils Original Flavour is perfectly suitable for both adults and kids from 6 years old. The desired prescription for Strepsil is easy and straightforward. Simply take 1 lozenge (tablets) every 2 ¬Čto 3 hours, but ensure you do not exceed 12 lozenges in 24 hours. This specific pack holds 16 tablets. The major advantage of these strepsil tablets is that they are exactly like sweets. You can simply lick without using water.[bookly-search-form]

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