Vitabiotics Pregnacare Original


Pregnacare® Original includes 19 important nutrients including Folic Acid & Vitamin D and has been specially formulated by experts for during pregnancy.



Vitabiotics Pregnacare Original has been developed by a team of medical experts and is recommended by many nurses and healthcare professionals. No wonder this trusted brand has become the most popular pregnancy support supplement in the UK! 

It provides folic acid and vitamin D at the precise levels recommended by the Department of Health together with iron, B12, and 15 other nutrients at sensible and safe levels specific to the normal needs of those who are planning to conceive or who are already pregnant.

If you are pregnant, Vitabotics Pregnacare Original is great for…

  • Boosting your energy levels, mental focus and vitality
  • Strengthening your body as it changes through your pregnancy
  • Fortifying your immune system against coughs and colds
  • Providing all the nutrients needed for your babies effective physical and mental development
  • Replenishing all the Folic Acid, B Vitamins, Iron and Vitamin D that your body goes through during pregnancy

There’s nothing as special as bringing a new life into the world. It’s an exciting time. As you are now providing nutrition for two, there are additional demands on your body for certain vitamins and minerals.

A few of these are so important the Department of Health recommends taking a supplement containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D and 400 micrograms of folic acid, so that’s what Pregnacare Original contains.

They also recommend avoiding supplements that contain vitamin A as high levels can be harmful. That’s why Pregnacare Original has no vitamin A but instead includes natural mixed carotenoids which your body will only turn into vitamin A according to its needs.

The immune system is slightly less efficient in pregnancy, so to help fight infection and avoid tummy bugs the formula includes 9 of the most essential vitamins and minerals for immune support.

Iron is included to help prevent anaemia and both iron and B vitamins will help maintain energy levels. Another key mineral is zinc, which is so vital for fertility and reproduction. Critical for brain development, iodine is included and calcium is also part of the formula to ensure your baby is born with good strong bones.

All 19 vitamins and minerals included are there to give you peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything, knowing that you are giving your new baby the best possible start.


Take one tablet each day with water.

It is best to take Pregnacare on a full stomach so we would recommend taking it with your main meal.

Pregnacare can be started at any time during pregnancy

Formulated by experts and trusted by mums for generations, this is an ideal tried and tested way to safeguard a mother’s diet during pregnancy. Pregnacare is also the UK’s No.1 pregnancy supplement brand.
  • Contains 400µg folic acid and 10µg vitamin D, the levels advised by the UK Department of Health.
  • More than just a folic acid supplement – includes 19 important nutrients for overall support, including zinc which contributes to normal reproductive health.

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