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    CardioVit from Nature’s Field is a complete cardiac supplement that supports a healthy heart by regulating cholesterol, blood circulation, and blood …

  • Nature’s Field Amino 6000


    Nature’s Field Amino 6000 Super Whey Protein Formula helps promote the growth of lean muscle mass, muscle function, and performance for healthy bodybuilding. It increases your muscle mass and strength and quickly absorbs in your body. Apart from its unique amino acids profile, Amino 6000 Super whey protein offers you a convenient way to add protein on top of your daily intake. It is also high in essential amino acids and other healthy nutrients.

    What is Whey Protein Formula and what do you need it for?

    Whey protein is the protein in whey, the watery portion of milk that separates from the curds when making cheese. Whey protein contains an incredible range of essential amino acids that are easily are absorbable. You can take Whey protein to improve your athletic performance and increasing strength. Whey protein is a source of protein that improves the nutrient content of your diet. It also helps your immune system.  Whey Proteins supply all (9) nine essential amino acids that your body need. It is high in important branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) like leucine, and also contains a high amount of cysteine. The primary role of this Amino 6000 Super Whey Formula is to help build your muscle mass and strength.

    How Amino 600 Whey Formula Help build your muscle mass and strength

    You need Amino 6000 Whey formula if an athlete, Bodybuilder, Fitness models, or someone looking to improve your performance in the gym. This supplement helps promotes muscle/strength through:
    Building blocks: It provides protein and amino acids, which serve as building blocks for increasing your muscle mass.
    Hormones: It increases the release of anabolic hormones that can stimulate your muscle growth, such as insulin.
    Leucine: Leucine stimulate muscle protein synthesis at the molecular and genetic level.
    Quick absorption: Whey protein is absorbed and utilized very quickly to help build your muscle mass.

  • Nature’s Field Cardiovit sachet


    CardioVit from Nature’s Field is a complete cardiac supplement that supports a healthy heart by regulating cholesterol, blood circulation, and blood pressure. CardioVit is an advanced formula of 24 super nutrients that enhances heart health. It is formulated to provide you with enhanced nutritional support for a healthy heart function. A healthy heart is essential for your overall wellness and longevity.

    This cardiac supplement contains safe natural ingredients like plant sterols, L-carnitine, COQ10, tocopherols, garlic, lycopene that provides you with an alternative in managing cardiovascular diseases. CardioVit is a useful dietary adjunct for individuals wishing to supplement their diets using a unique formula with the synergistic activity of nutrients, to help support normal cardiovascular health.

    Health Benefits of Nature’s Field CardioVit

    -1. CardioVit counteracts different forms of oxidative stress and cellular damage to the heart cells by preventing lipid peroxidation by the free radicals.
    -2. It Improves LDL metabolism, by increasing LDL binding, uptake, and degradation in human fibroblasts.
    -3. CardioVit Inhibiting platelet aggregation and decreases cholesterol synthesis.
    -4. It helps to replenishes lost/diminished vitamins & nutrients essential for heart health.
    -5. CardioVit promotes all-round heart health, prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases.
    -6. It can be used alone in the diet, or as an adjuvant to drug therapy, or in combination with other functional food components.

    Avoid cardiac arrest and untimely death.  Guard your heart with a daily dose of Nature’s Field CardioVit.

  • Nature’s Field Eye Cap (120 Tablets)


    Nature’s Field EyeCap is an advance eye antioxidant, vitamin and mineral formula with zeaxanthin, lutein and bilberry to support good vision and eye health. Zeaxanthin and lutein are natural carotenoids found in the macula segment of the retina. The human body does not produce these carotenoids. Their accumulation in the eye is dependent on your dietary intake. Lutein and Zeaxanthin either help to prevent Age-related molecular degeneration (AMD) or may slow the progression of the disease. AMD occurs when the small central portion of the retina, known as the macula, deteriorates. The disease develops as the patient ages, hence is known as Age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

    You need EyeCap for the following eye conditions or situations;
    -Age-related molecular degeneration (AMD)
    -Adjuvant treatment in the management of any common eye diseases
    -Adults desiring additional nutritional support for healthy eye function

    Why Nature’s Field EyeCap remains the best Eye Antioxidant

    Nature’s Field EyeCap contains naturally sourced eye vitamins including, Eyebright herb powder, Citrus bioflavonoids peel powder, and Bilberry fruit extract. Others include Riboflavin, Rutin, Vitamin A (as beta carotene and retinyl palmitate), and Vitamin E (as DL- tocopherol acetate). EyeCap from Nature’s Field is better than other Eye vitamins because;

    -The most cost-effective
    -It is a powerful antioxidant blend
    -Formulated with essential vitamins and minerals
    -It contains Zeaxanthin and lutein
    – 100% naturally sourced
    -No significant side effects and therefore safe for use

    Nature’s Field EyeCap is a special combination of eye health vitamins and minerals that your eyes may require for macular support. It promotes healthy eyes and vision clarity. Nature’s Field EyeCap (also spelled as eye cap) tops the list of best eye antioxidants with lutein and zeaxanthin. EyeCap consists of an easy to swallow one a day tablets. You should take it with your main meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. You can take EyeCap as long as required, as a regular vitamin intake to support good vision.

  • Nature’s Field Fibromed x60


    Nature’s Field FibroMed is a dietary supplement that shrinks uterine fibroid naturally without surgery by providing fibrinolytic (fibrin eating) enzymes and cofactors. Nature’s Field FibroMed is a special formulation of proteolytic enzymes, anti-oxidant, and herbs to support fibroid care. FibroMed is the best supplement that offers natural treatment for fibroids  Uterine fibroids or uterine leiomyomas are noncancerous growths of the uterus that appears during childbearing years when estrogen levels are high. These fibroids or uterine leiomyomas (noncancerous growths of the uterus) occurs as a result of a buildup of fibrin. Fibrin is a fibrous, non-globular protein involved in the clotting of blood) on the wall of your uterus. Fibrin is a major component of blood cloth after your menstruation. You can have a single fibroid or multiple ones. Stimulation by the hormone estrogen produced naturally in the body causes fibroid to grow. You at the risk of fibroid if you are above 30, of African descent and or have high body weight. FibroMed is the best supplement that shrinks fibroid naturally without surgery.

  • Nature’s Field Vitamin A 10,000 I.U (100 Tablets)


    Keep your skin, bones, teeth, and eyes protected with Vitamin A 10000iu from Nature’s Field. Vitamin A is essential for the health of the body’s tissues.  Eating food with adequate amounts of vitamin A prevents the development of night blindness and slows down age-related decline of your eyesight. Vitamin A also protects vision, especially at night, helping the eyes adjust to changes in light. Sufficient vitamin A in your diet helps keep your immune system healthy and function at its best.

    Avoid Vitamin A Deficiency

    Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable childhood blindness. Lack of vitamin A in your blood and tissues leads to Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) or hypovitaminosis A.  One of the first symptoms of VAD is Nyctalopia (night blindness). If not treated, this can later lead to complete blindness. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children are at highest risk of deficiency. Lack of this essential vitamin also triggers Age-related macular degeneration (AMD). -The leading cause of blindness.

    Why you need Nature’s Field Vitamin A

    You need vitamin A supplements if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms; dryness of skin, dry eyes and night blindness, miscarriages or birth defects. Other symptoms include stunted growth in children, frequent infections in the throat or chest, slow wound healing and skin acne. Nature’s Field Vitamin A 10000iu is made from a natural source in the form of Retinyl Palmitate and from Fish Liver oil.  This dietary supplement also contains soy and fish in the form of cod, saithe, haddock and/or Pollack.  Taking the recommended amount of vitamin A helps protect your bones. thus reducing the risk of bone fractures. A diet rich in vitamin A  is also essential for healthy reproductive health. Pregnant women should not take more than 1 softgel (10,000iu) per day. Persons under the age of 12 should not take this supplement.