Most of us are not cautious of our safety at our homes and work places. We all take it for granted.
Home and work safety involves taking time to inspect the home and work environment to discover hidden dangers that may increase the risk of injury or even death . Common hazards in the home and work place can lead to slips and falls, fires, accidental burns, electrocution and other injuries.

Personal protective equipment like gloves, shoes, masks, goggles, safe slippers and hard hats don’t have to be expensive but can save us from serious injury in the home and work places, so get into the habit of using them.

Home Safety Tips:
•Make sure that your security alarms are in working conditions
•Design an Emergency Exit Plan.
•Keep your doors closed and locked at all times.
•Keep medicines in a safe cabinet.
•Keep the floor as dry as possible to avoid slipping.
•Turn on security lights at night.
. Wear a dry pair of slippers when touching switches and electrical appliances.
. Know where the First Aid Kits are in your home and be sure to have one well refilled always.
. Ensure your have your Fire Extinguisher at appropriate points in your home.
•Make emergency toll free number boldly visible.(TOLL FREE NUMBER -112).

Safety Tips for The Workplace:
•Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
•Know where the First Aid Kits are at all times and refill appropriately.
•Take regular breaks.
•Always use equipment properly.
•Know where emergency exits are.
. Fire extinguishers must be checked regularly to ensure they have not expired.
Make emergency toll free number boldly visible (Toll Free Number 112).

The need for safety is very important as it would to a large extent reduce the accident rates at home, school and working place.

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